SMS Text Messaging Security And Encryption

TrustText SMS encryption provides:
  • Secure SMS messaging via TrustChip® – KoolSpan’s hardware-anchored microSD encryption engine
  • Compliance with HIPAA privacy and security rules
  • User-friendly application with security and operational flexibility
  • Encryption for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) level SMS messages
  • Turnkey-hosted offering or lightweight private installation

The Challenge

Text messaging – or Short Message Service (SMS) – is as much a part of daily communication as talking itself. Yet, despite the convenience of SMS messaging, actual text transmissions have limited security due to the cellular networks they travel across: the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). With SMS messages going across GSM and CDMA networks, text transmissions (and their proprietary value) are vulnerable to interception, hacking and theft.

The Solution

KoolSpan’s TrustText is a powerful, easy-to-deploy secure text messaging application that ensures your SMS messages are encrypted and secure. TrustText’s security strength and operational flexibility means you can exchange SMS messages individually or to a group anywhere mobile service is accessible. You can be assured of end-to-end security from the originating smartphone, through the network, to the destination device – regardless of any vulnerability in the underlying networks. TrustText gives you the freedom to conduct daily business without fear of unauthorized breach.

How It Works

TrustText also is easy to use. Once installed, the TrustText wizard guides you through an initial setup. You then begin a secure messaging session with other TrustText devices via the Contact List. TrustText displays sent and received messages in a chat-style format with each message displayed in a distinct message bubble.

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