TrustText- SMS Text Messaging Security And Encryption


By combining an intuitive user interface with advanced application features, and leveraging the industry strength of KoolSpan’s TrustChip and Virtual TrustChip encryption solutions, TrustText transforms smartphones and networks into a secure text communications infrastructure.

End-to-end security between the originating smartphone and the destination device ensures seamless and secure text transmission, regardless of any vulnerabilities in underlying networks.

TrustText SMS encryption provides:

  • GUI similar to Yahoo Messenger, Blackberry messenger, Kakoa Talk, and other instant messenger applications.
  • Delivers message notifications, and displays sent and received messages in a chat-style, message bubble format.
  • Easy to use, TrustText Wizard setup.
  • Secure text messaging via TrustChip and Virtual TrustChip– KoolSpan’s hardware-anchored microSD encryption engine
  • User-friendly application with security and operational flexibility