Hardware-Anchored Encryption Security for Connected Devices


While TrustChip Hardware Edition (HE) relies upon an embedded Micro SD encryption engine, TrustChip Virtual Edition (VE) offers software-based encryption by utilizing the native hardware of the mobile device and an integrated Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). TrustChip/HE is deployable on Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices, while TrustChip/VE is deployable on Android devices, however all devices within a secure TrustGroup may communicate with one another regardless of TrustChip version.

Hardware – integration requiredSoftware-based deployment
Software-based deploymentNo Micro SD card inventory management or tracking
Fast VoIP communicationFaster VoIP communication
Deployable on Android, iOS, and BlackberryDeployable on Android
Apps for Secure Comm:iTunes Store, Google Play, or via MDM
Crypto Functions:Interoperable
Cross Platform: Interoperable
Other Applications: PBX Integration/ Secure Conference Calling (TrustBridge)
Secure File sharing (TrustText feature)