Hardware-Anchored Encryption Security for Connected Devices

TrustChip® encryption security provides:

  • Hardware-anchored encryption and device security that doesn’t affect battery life
  • Key management and authentication
  • Up to 2 GB of memory
  • Component of overall FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validation encryption solution for enterprise and government customers
  • 32-bit crypto ARM co-processor providing 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard with up to 2 GB of memory
  • IT remote management for full control of installation, access and use
  • Development of custom, secure apps via TrustChip Software Developer Kit APIs SDK

Foundation of Security

KoolSpan’s TrustChip is designed to address security challenges affecting the broad array of connected devices, platforms and servers, including but not limited to mobile devices. As the core of our encryption security platform and product suite, TrustChip and its companion security applications protect you and your organization from constant cyber and communications threats.

Encryption and Security Features

TrustChip is a self-contained hardware-anchored encryption engine. It delivers industry-leading mobile device security with all-in-one key management, authentication and encryption. TrustChip is designed around an industry standard plug-in microSD chip. It can be installed across operating systems, platforms, applications, networks or connected devices.

Deployed in its own optimized hardware environment, TrustChip is insulated from security threats that can reside in connected and mobile devices and platforms. Since KoolSpan’s security application resides in TrustChip rather than in software, every data transaction, such as voice call or data transmission, is coded with a secret, unique series of numbers.

The tamper-evident and tamper-resistant TrustChip is a 32-bit crypto ARM co-processor providing 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. A highly specialized mobile device security module, it’s TrustChip is a component of an overall FIPS 140-2 validated solution, the key certification for government use.

Security For Mobile And All Connected Devices

KoolSpan's TrustChip delivers end-to-end security for mobiles phones and devices – from the originating device, through the network, to the destination device. Visualize this as a two-way secure tunnel that encrypts and mutually authenticates traffic regardless of vulnerabilities in underlying networks.

Contact us to find out how TrustChip encryption can enhance your organization’s device and data security.