Voice Encryption Security


The Challenge

For small and large companies and government agencies alike, communications security is becoming a daily challenge. Voice transmission and protection of proprietary information are easier to intercept than ever  Incoming Call VEPlease Wait VE   before. Everyday, our sensitive mobile communications are targeted by outside parties attempting to gain privileged information.

The Solution

KoolSpan’s TrustCall solution provides your organization with a secure voice solution for smartphones, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other connected devices. It is easy to use and cost-effective.

How It Works

Once TrustCall is installed, a user places a secure call by selecting a contact from his or her TrustCall contact list. TrustCall does the rest. This entire encryption process is seamless for mobile phone and smart device users. Unlike software-only encryption solutions, TrustCall conserves battery life by only being active when secure calls are placed. With TrustCall, your organization has secure voice protection whenever and wherever a sensitive call needs to be placed, from mobile devices or the office landline. TrustCall can be deployed on a client’s network or in a hosted environment. It can be managed from a central platform, TrustCenter®, to activate and terminate secure communications in real-time. TrustCall requires no special equipment for deployment and is easily removed and reinstalled into other compatible connected devices as needed.

TrustCall Voice Encryption is Avaliable in Two Robust, Mobile Security Applications:

  • Secure voice communication via TrustCall Hardware Edition (HE) – KoolSpan’s hardware-anchored, microSD encryption engine
    • The TrustCall/HE application consists of cryptographic hardware and proprietary software that combine to eliminate the risk of voice traffic intercepts across carrier infrastructures. Each TrustCall-enabled device is equipped with a TrustChip® microSD security processor to authenticate and secure communication between two entities. When a TrustCall-enabled phone calls another enabled phone, the devices transparently authenticate and connect. All voice communication is then encrypted and sent over a secure data channel. The entire process, facilitated by TrustCenter’s secure server network, is seamless to the mobile device users.
  • Secure voice communication via TrustCall Virtual Edition (VE)  – KoolSpan's hardware-anchored, software-based encryption engine.
    • The TrustCall/VE application provides secure voice communication utilizing the native hardware of the mobile device rather than an external encryption engine. TrustCall/VE's authentication, key management, and encryption functions are provisioned to the Trusted Execution environment (TEE) of the mobile device CPU, allowing for rapid  VoIP communication, easy deployment, and minimal physical inventory to manage and track. This combination of software and hardware is significantly more secure than software-exclusive mobile security solutions.

KoolSpan's TrustCall applications provide the following features:

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validation for enterprise and government customers
  • Voice encryption for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, and other connected devices
  • GSM and WiFi-enabled security with no impact on battery life
  • Peer-to-peer authentication with no man-in-the-middle attack

Keep Your Voice Communication Private

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