Security for Connected Devices, Including Cell Phone Encryption

KoolSpan’s Product Platform Secures All Your Connected Devices:

Keeping Your Information In Your Hands

KoolSpan’s product platform delivers unified secure communication across mission-critical voice and data infrastructure – smartphones, iPhones, office network phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and servers.

With KoolSpan, business, government and individuals stay ahead of continuous threats to voice communications and data assets pervasive in a connected world. KoolSpan provides peace of mind by encrypting voice and data assets over insecure global public networks. KoolSpan’s phone encryption and smart phone security solutions are simple to use and easy to deploy, fueling your ability to conduct business without the loss or theft of intellectual property, vital information and proprietary assets.

Crypto at the Core

The core of KoolSpan’s encryption security product platform is TrustChip – a purpose-built processor designed into a standard microSD card. TrustChip easily transforms a standard smartphone, or any network connected device, into a secure communication device. TrustChip’s security components include key management, authentication and encryption. It is fully manageable, hardened with a 32-bit ARM co-processor and is a component of an overall FIPS 140-2 validated security solution.

KoolSpan quickly installs its hardware-based TrustChip security platform into any component of your information and mobile infrastructure, including iPhones and employee BYODs. As the heart of KoolSpan’s product platform, TrustChip provides unified secure communication with instant compatibility across multiple platforms.

Add FIPS 140-2 Level Security To Your Apps

If you’re an application developer, KoolSpan encourages you to add hardware-anchored authentication and cryptographic services into your own application or system via KoolSpan’s TrustSDK. [AC1] Visit KoolSpan’s TrustChip Developer Portal to learn more.

Security Starts Today

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