Develop on KoolSpan’s Encryption Security Platform for Connected Devices

KoolSpan TrustSDK enables you to:

  • Easily add hardware-anchored encryption security to any application
  • Develop applications using the same code base foundation in KoolSpan’s product platform

Add FIPS 140-2 Security To Your Apps

If you’re a mobile application developer, KoolSpan encourages you to add hardware-anchored authentication and encryption services into your own application or system via KoolSpan’s TrustSDK.  Visit KoolSpan’s TrustChip Developer Portal to learn more about our mobile enterprise application platform.

TrustSDK offers developers a new, simplified approach for packaging the complexity of authentication and encryption services into a simple and easy-to-use library based on the TrustChip hardened encryption security engine. TrustSDK’s interface library is compiled for specific host platforms and linked with the application needing security services. It speaks to KoolSpan’s patented TrustChip at its lower layer interface and exposes an interface for applications at its upper layer.