Simplifying Mobile Communication Security

Encrypt your mobile phone calls, messages, and conference calls with easy to use applications.


Secure Mobile Communications


Secure Conference Calls and Mobile to Desktop Communication


Secure Messaging


Platform for Centrally Managing Your Trusted Environment

Why You Should Protect Your Mobile Communications

Koolspan’s Communication Security Features

Multi-platform Support

Supports iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

Intuitive GUI

Contact Lists, Keypads, Favorites, and Call/Text Logs

Optimized for Mobile

Low Bandwidth Consumption, VoIP Gateway, Push Notifications, Interoperable Apps

Ease of Deployment

Installed by MDM or by User via Apple Store or Google Play Store

Robust Encryption

Call and text security via TEE and MicroSD encryption options

Flexible Hosting

TrustCenter and TrustRelay Server can be hosted and managed by KoolSpan or deployed on-premise

“The risks are quite high as attacks in which cellphone calls are listened to and text messages are intercepted come from many sources including competitive business espionage, organized crime and nation states around the world.”

Jeremy Kroll

CEO of K2 Intelligence

Stay ahead of pervasive threats to voice, text, and data.

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